I'm currently working at design studio Landor + Fitch, researching AI and the future of graphic simulations and UI.

paper scroll
paper scroll

An Introduction to Autoglyph, 2021, View at The Bartlett

Design Thesis for Autoglyph, 2021

The Resilient City, 2022, Exhibited at SAFE, Somerset House

Serpentine North Gallery Gift Shop X Superflux X Ghazaal Vojdani, View HERE

Interactive visual merchandising for Charles Tyrwhitt, 2019

Co-operative labyrinth game made in Unity, 2021

Quallage, 2020

City of Wonders, 2020

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paper scroll

Sanctuary, a film about the future of technology, image, and the built space.

Various, 2015

Encrypted Type, for Typography Exhibition RCA 2018.

Animated poster for Argineering's interactive workshops, 2019

Various, 2015

Page from LUXURY Zine, 2018

Medieval Cellfie, 2015